Strong and distinct presence. Simple and refined design. Tia is driven by profile, silhouette and proportion. Its wooden frame embraces and cradles the continuous seat. Pitch and tapered legs bring a subtle elegance. When Tia is at the table, personality shines.

Bank of England

Introduced in 1946, the Bank of England series is a classic that has been updated to incorporate advances in construction techniques. The guest chair is available in all wood or with an upholstered seat. A bench and swivel chair complete the collection.


It all comes down to versatility. That’s what makes Molti one of our best-selling chairs. Designed by Daniel Cramer, Molti deftly adapts to any environment, adding just the right amount of style to the space. Its choices in arm, seat and back styles allow it to effortlessly adopt classic or contemporary looks …or even something in between.