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Win a HON Ignition 2.0!

Win Ignition® 2.0 for your office!

Ignition 2.0 combines the best of comfort and style. As work evolves, Ignition responds with enhancements that fit today‘svwork and workers.  With advanced synchro-tilt for a natural recline, height- and width-adjustable arms, a titanium frame, blip scuba fabric, and a charchoal mesh ilira®-stretch fabric that back uses your own weight to support you, this chair offers a softer, personal fit.

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Workplace Inspiration

Workplace Inspiration

Kindness in the workplace is contagious – people enjoy feeling good.  Whether you share a compliment with a coworker, engage your team to become active in charitable activities, or celebrate a special day, you always leave others feeling important and involved.

Take a moment to focus on positively impacting the lives of those around you – and enjoy the rewards of teamwork and a healthy workplace culture.


Product Spotlight

With a crisp, clean aesthetic, Narrate offers a streamlined framework to tell your brand story throughout the workplace landscape. While bringing together a wide range of complementary components and products, Narrate’s end panels can be outfitted with customized graphics, mixed materials, layered panels, seamed panels and more. The collection can incorporate shelters to create visual interest, acoustical separation or encourage private thinking areas. With an advanced infrastructure, Narrate fully supports teams with a seamless integration of storage, technology, and the choice of static or height-adjustable work surfaces. What’s more, Narrate seamlessly integrates technology with the ease of connection through any panel and is cleanly concealed through the system. Narrate works hard for you, instinctively combining design, technology and flexibility to support a dynamic workplace environment.

Microsoft and Steelcase Partnership


Steelcase and Microsoft share a passion for helping people at work. Together, we understand how the integration of place and technology can unlock creativity.

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Featured Products

Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase Series 1 delivers ergonomics, quality and comfort that is unprecedented in this class of seating.

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Umami Lounge System by Steelcase

Umami Lounge System

Umami seating, tables and screens offer an endless variety of configurations, sizes and material options. Its flexible, modular design can be used to create spaces unique to organizations and the people who work there.

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360 Magazine

the creative shift


The shift has happened. We all saw change coming. Then suddenly it’s upon us and work is something fundamentally different. Today, we face problems too big, too complex to solve with yesterday’s ideas. The demand and desire for creativity at work is stronger than ever before.

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Creative Spaces


Creative Spaces

Microsoft and Steelcase are introducing all-new, immersive Creative Spaces, that bring together place and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.

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The Future of Work is Creative

The Future of Work is Creative

We face global issues that require all of us to unleash our creative potential to solve problems, make new connections and generate ideas.

Creativity is not only the domain of artists and musicians. It is a process in which we all can engage and all need to encourage.

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