Explore - Plan - Manage

The spectrum of services OEC provides allows your business to meet the growing needs in your industry. Our dedicated team will help manage your unique project focusing on each detail from beginning to end to create your vision.

Furniture Project Management Management of all aspects of furniture project from inception through complete furniture installation. This service is normally included with new furniture orders.
Interior Design Services Combine creative aesthetics with functional solutions to produce productive and comfortable environments in all interior spaces.
Space Planning Services Identify the client’s key issues that set the parameters of the project for the purpose of space planning
CAD Space
Upon receipt of an approved CAD-based block plan from the architect or client, this service provides detailed drawings to be used for installation purposes.
Verification of
Field Dimensions
This service confirms room dimensions shown on client-provided CAD drawings or plans, as compared with actual site conditions, and as it relates to furniture installation.
Furniture Specification Services Utilizes an automated specification tool to prepare furniture component list and costs.
Installation Coordination Services Coordinates the logistical management of furniture installation, such as project management, installation of product, coordination of product arrival from manufacturer, verification of site conditions, logistical staging of product and enforcement of quality/safety/code standards.
Punch List Coordination Services Within this typical service is the identification of any discrepancies to complete furniture installation in compliance to furniture plan, including issuing punch list and updating punch list with resolution and completion.
Post-Installation Evaluation Provide a team to audit a project for installation quality compliance.
Transportation Coordination Services Typically ensures product delivery meets client requirements and site conditions. Included with these services are: determination of appropriate vehicle type for project site, obtaining appropriate municipal clearances for parking, if necessary and coordination of delivery in compliance with property management requirements.
Studies to
Reduce Costs
OEC Business Interiors strives to reduce costs in products and services through the following activities: continual update of workstation typical, utilization of existing products, value engineering when performance or function is not sacrificed and recommendations to avoid duplication of service and products.
Alternative Office Design A planning service that includes Workplace Performance analysis and related planning services as they relate to business results and facilities issues.
Ergonomic Evaluation Basic ergonomic evaluation is available to provide recommendations for improved safety and ergonomics as they relate to furniture. This advantageous service might include providing product for evaluation on a limited basis or providing training on the usage of furniture as it relates to ergonomics.
Furniture Disposition Provides coordination of the removal and liquidation of your surplus furniture through qualified furniture brokers.
Furniture Rental OEC coordinates rental and or lease items when needed.  Normally with furniture rentals, systems furniture installation is not included, nor is the subsequent dismantle and removal upon receipt of new product.
Maintenance and Repair Services Qualified technicians provide maintenance and repair of all furniture products including non-warranty repair, parts supply and emergency repairs after-normal-business hours. These services are typically quoted on a per-project basis.
Furniture Refurbishment Includes re-fabrication and cut down of panels and work surfaces, painting of all metal surfaces, refinishing or restoring wood, and cleaning and re-upholstery of seating products. OEC also offers stain and fire protection services, professional wood refinishing and furniture repainting.
Reconfiguration Optimizes re-use of your furniture assets to meet changing work needs. This would include inventorying existing products; creating over/under balance to specify new product/parts requirements; dismantling and rebuilding existing products and applying new, existing, and/or stored products to implement furniture plan
Move Coordination Relocation services are coordinated with you and your contracted vendors, OEC can supply labels and workstation designation numbers, make available floor location map for movers, offer labor to implement small internal moves and manage large moves.
Electronic Ordering Efficiently transmit orders, reports, invoices, etc., from your computer to OEC’s computer.
Educational Seminars OEC Business Interiors will conduct seminars concerning end user personnel training in proper and safe use of furniture, business trends and their effects in the workplace, end user education in ergonomic support tools and instruction in furniture care and maintenance.
Emergency Services OEC offers emergency services including keys locked in desk, electrical failures, broken chair mechanisms, and any condition threatening safety or productivity.