Staying healthy at work is a difficult task for many people to accomplish.  Whether it’s eating healthy in between meetings, taking a moment to stretch and clear our minds, or maintaining healthy posture, we’re all missing out on an important aspect of our health.  To help serve you better, we have compiled a list of five healthy work habits to get you started on the journey of achieving optimal health.

Habit #1 Bring Your Lunch
Bringing your lunch to work allows you to have greater control over the amount of calories you intake. Bring fresh fruits, whole grains, salads with lean meat… You get the idea.  Feel free to even ditch the brown paper bag for an insulated handbag!

Habit #2 Drink Plenty of Water
Water is essential for our bodies to function at optimal output. Water cleanses toxins and hydrates our bodies so we can be the best version of ourselves.  It might mean a few more bathroom breaks, but for those instances, see habit #3.

Habit #3 Get Up and Move
Many of us remain sedentary throughout the day, sitting nearly a full eight hours in one position.  Evidence shows that sedentary lifestyles lead to a myriad of health problems, including, heart disease and obesity. Moving around allows our bodies to work the way they were intended, while getting our blood flowing and encouraging our brains to focus more, ultimately resulting in greater productivity.

Habit #4 Yoga
Yoga has been proven to clear the mind while strengthening the body.  Learn how to do a Mountain Pose and a Cat-Cow stretch on YouTube and take a few minutes on your lunch break to decompress.  Better yet, start a mini-class for you and your coworkers to clear your minds together.

Habit #5 Have an Ergonomic Work Chair
For the majority of us that are at a desk all day, a work chair that offers lumbar support, as well as arm, seat, and height adjustments is a must-have.  Our bodies change and our chair should, too.  Research shows that productivity increases in the workplace when employee well-being is prioritized.

To learn more about employee well-being, feel free to check out Steelcase’s study, “Wellbeing: A Bottom Line Issue”.