Confide is quite the conversationalist with varying styles befitting of the settings where discussions take place and ideas are generated. Confide guest seating offers a confident sit and makes itself at home in conference rooms, touchdown areas and private offices alike. Arm and armless models are available as well as an upholstered or wood back which is sure to add elegance to any space.


Cinch stacking chairs are at home as a guest chair, in a learning space, or any multi-use area. When it’s time to rearrange the room, stack Cinch and use the dolly to easily transport them. Cinch mobile and static stacking chairs are available with or without arms so you can find the right function for your space. The mobile stacking chair features a safety caster to immobilize the chair until the user is fully seated removing the ability for the chair to slip out from underneath the user.


Ideal for private offices, collaborative areas and training applications, Fuel is the perfect choice for everyday use and task-intensive applications.


For those who are serious about their work, this is a serious work chair. Gotcha can flex to fit a wide range of users, making it a consistent customer favorite.