Grove supports today’s agile workforce with a change-of-pace lounge that delivers the comfort people crave, while encouraging focus and interaction throughout the workplace. Take a break from the workstation. Grab a latte with a colleague. Grove is proof that giving people choice over how and where they work can lead to a happier, more creative culture.


Flock is made to gracefully wind around architectural elements—maximizing valuable real estate and bringing people closer the outdoors. So go ahead and draw inspiration from nature. Boost morale with natural light. Stimulate creativity with vibrant
fabrics. Flock was designed for this nature of work.


Adaptable like no other chair, Purpose’s sleek design works everywhere, and with a versatile selection of fabric and finish options, it also fits anywhere.


Motivate products complete any environment, from a small impromptu meeting, to a dedicated collaborative space, to a large training area.


Introducing Lota, a mesh-backed chair with simplified comfort controls and all the features you would expect from a quality office chair, and a few you never expected.


With the genuine, purposeful design of Ceres seating, HON offers a superior sitting experience – and a stylish, beautiful chair. Adjusting the Ceres work chair is simple and intuitive. A stackable Ceres multi-purpose chair rounds out the line. All Ceres models are available fully upholstered or with an ilira-stretch M4 mesh back, available in five colors.


From welcoming to waiting areas, cafés to classrooms, and conference rooms to private offices, Ignition creates a universal aesthetic throughout a space while evolving to meet everyone’s changing needs throughout the day.


Supporting the ergonomic and functional needs of a variety of users throughout your space requires a flexible seating platform that allows everyone to customize their comfort.


Volt seating combines great style and functional options to meet the demands of the value-driven consumer.


Any size. Any task. Any style. The ability to personalize Ignition is how we deliver your perfect fit. Every aspect of each Ignition is tailored to your body.