Options for Effective Business Asset Management

Asset Management Reduces Furniture Spending by up to 30%

OEC safely stores your excess furniture for one-third the cost of Class A office space in our distribution center that offers more than 30,000 square feet of racked space.

Products can be inventoried on-site at your location or at our distribution center.  Each item is identified by manufacturer, product, size, color, and finish.  Our technicians carefully survey conditions of the furniture and recommend repairing or retiring furniture if necessary.  When your furniture enters the warehouse, each item is wrapped, tagged, and archived into our asset management system.

When your office is ready for your stored furniture, OEC provides a detailed inventory for use in your reconfiguration plans.

Benefits of OEC Asset Management

Using asset management services allows for more productive use of your real estate.  Our itemization of furniture offers intelligent use of product classifications, cost centers, and condition codes that lets users structure various levels of detail.  Online inquiries can be sorted by item, standards, location, work orders and transactions.  Users can also access cost-avoidance reports that calculate cost savings of reusing existing furniture instead of buying new.