Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces

A new approach to your workspace, Steelcase Flex Personal Spaces gives people a heightened level of privacy, control and comfort in the hybrid workplace.


Currency Enhanced is a broad portfolio of laminate desking and storage solutions that work hard and look great in settings of all types – from private offices to the open plan and everywhere in between.

Answer Freestanding

Answer Freestanding features desks, tables, storage units that create individual workstations, private offices and team spaces, all with a consistent aesthetic.


Mackinac by Steelcase re-envisions the workplace and helps people move, think and feel better by supporting the range of activities leaders and their teams do throughout the day—all in a compact footprint.

Elective Elements

Elective Elements is a freestanding office workstation designed to address the changing workspace requirements in today’s private and open-plan office environments.


Kick is a furniture system that offers simplicity through form, function and price to satisfy the demands of today’s customer. Kick offers a range of applications to meet these challenges today, and the choices to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

Steelcase Flex Collection

The Steelcase Flex Collection empowers teams to create spaces that can be rearranged on demand, creating environments teams and individuals need to do their best work. Available Summer 2019.


The c:scape modular office workstation is a freestanding desking system with built-in office storage, perfect for both open plan and private offices.



With Epic’s configuration ability to bridge spaces throughout a building, its nearly thirty laminate choices offer incredible flexibility in delivering extra durability where needed. Go for a combination of wood and laminate to really showcase Epic’s modern flair. Laminates and metals pair magnificently to bring forth a solution that portrays your organization’s propensity for quality. Epic is your silent partner in success


Enjoy the longevity of Arrowood veneer’s battle-tested workplace wisdom and its timeless design that transcends even the most discerning trends for lasting appeal in style and performance. For additional worksurface resilience, select a laminate top for high use areas. With choices such as 3/4 or full pedestals with complementing modesty panels, you can specify the look that best complements your style and budget whether for private offices and administrative areas or cascading units in more open spaces.


Beyond the private office, Captivate shines with inviting reception units and beautiful conference, occasional and dining tables bestowing a design ease that works effortlessly into your organization’s look and feel. Whether you desire the cool, modern look of steel and lighter tones or the warmth of richer wood finishes, rest assured Captivate will deliver impeccable form and function.


Renegade’s attractiveness stems from meeting functional needs with the appeal of flexible design elements at an exceptional value. This resourceful, all laminate casegood series blends open and closed storage options and filing solutions with worksurface configurability catering to the diverse work styles throughout your organization.


WaveWorks offers a variety of storage configurations to express style or enhance organizational efficiency. Glass doors with metal frames offer a translucent style with modern appeal. Choose veneer or laminate doors to add the warmth of wood or the flair of a contrasting laminate. Open storage allows easy access to essential items and a display space.


10500 Series

Versatile solutions for reception areas and meeting rooms bring the benefits of the 10500 Series to public spaces. With matching reception stations, end tables, conference tables, and more, this collection can help you deliver the same polished, professional look it brings to the private office to the rest of the workplace.


Concinnity helps executives get organized, stay focused and quickly connect. Squeeze more vertical storage in a smaller footprint with taller cabinets. Convert a private office into a personal meeting space with mobile tables. Concinnity helps you stay prepared for whatever comes next.


Even when aspiring to create a uniform look throughout your space, you still want options. Valido’s flawless craftsmanship and signature styling help you achieve any desired aesthetic. Scratch-, spill- and stain-resistant laminates. Precision-matched edges. Two-tone finish combinations. Valido is all about customization.